Blueberry Phirni

• 200 gm rice

• 250 gm blueberry

• 250 gm sugar

• 2 litre milk

• 50 gm pistachios

• 50 gm almonds


• Wash and clean the rice, then soak them in the water for around 1 or 2 hours.

• pat dry the rice with help of dry cloth.

• After drying the rice grind them in a paste and keep aside.

• Take a sauce pan pour milk into it bring it to a boil then add sugar, cinnamon stick, rice paste.

• Keep stirring the milk as the rice may stick to the bottom.

• As well as prepare the blueberry puree in the other pan.

• Heat the blueberry and sugar together until the blueberry releases all its juices then add lemon juice in it and give it a quick mix.

• Cool this mixture.

• Then add this mixture to milk and mix it.

• Cool the phirni and pour it in a bowl topped with some chopped dry fruits.

• Serve cold.