Boiled Frozen Edamame

Yachi edamame is packed with plant based protien, fiber and the power of soy. Hand picked, IQF and sealed in freshness. A delicious addition to soups, salad or stir fry, this little green gem nourishes your soul. Edamame can be searved hot or cold.

Heating Instructions

No Need to defrost Edamame before heating.

Direction: Remove contents from the bag and heat in microwave safe utensil for 3 minutes or untill desired temperature has been reached. It can be also steamed for a short time to enjoy the fresh taste of healthy edamame.

Ingredients: Edamame (Soyabeans)

Allergens: Contains Soy.

Nutrional Fact

Energy : 123Kcal

Total Fat : 4.69g

Trans Fat : 0g

Saturated Fat : 0g

Carbohydrate : 10.54g

Dietary Fiber : 4g

Sugar : 0g

Cholesterol : 0g

Protein : 13.1g

Delivery Information

Imported By :

The Connoisseurs, A94, Sector-65, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301

FSSAI LIC NO. 12714055000465


Marketed By :

BMS ENTERPRICES, C-153, Sector-50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301

FSSAI LIC NO. 12715055000410

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